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Introduction - Remote Viewing Group
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Hi Everyone,

I’d like to introduce myself, on behalf of my newly formed remote viewing (RV) endeavor, the TROIKA Group. We have a combined 25 years experience as trained professional, military-style remote viewers, and have completed thousands of public and private consulting projects, as well as taught many individuals the skill of remote viewing for themselves – the only way to truly understand this phenomenal ability we all have.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of RV, it is an information collection discipline developed by physicists at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) on behalf of U.S. Intelligence services during the Cold War. By studying a select group of so-called natural “psychics” under lab-controlled conditions, researchers determined that these individuals showed neither physiological nor psychological abnormalities, leading them to the conclusion that this ability is an innate faculty of the human mind. Based on this discovery, the SRI team shifted their focus to reverse-engineering the moment-by-moment perceptual process of their most accurate test subject – a man named Ingo Swann – and turning these observations into a step-by-step training regimen. This process was then taught to a group of military officers with no history of “psychic” functioning. These trials proved successful beyond anyone’s imagination, proving that such mental functioning is, in fact, a natural function of the human mind, and can be taught just like any other learned skill.

The program was declassified in 1995 after the Cold War, and upon retirement, a number of the military’s remote viewers opened their own private enterprises, bringing RV into the civilian sector. Since then, tens – possibly hundreds – of thousands of people around the world have been trained in these advanced perceptual techniques.

As trained “consciousness hackers”, we intend to explore high-value, interesting and socially relevant topics with our unique skillset, and to share our findings with anyone who is interested. I hope some of you here find our work fascinating, and ultimately helpful. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask here, or visit our website for more information at

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