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project: world evacuation
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The Ashtar Command World Evacuation. Here is a link of book, which gives detail of a planetary evacuation. Why do I post this, because I had a recent dream where the Planet was going to be evacuated due to a magnetic pole reversal and this gives hints to it and I suspect it is going to be soon. Just a warning; the seed needs to be planted. I also found other information in a youtube video.

A quote: “There must be peace on Earth. There must be an end to wars and hatred between brothers. The millions that come from other worlds, from far-off galaxies to assist in bringing Peace upon Earth, have My staunch support and backing for all of their endeavors. They have come in My Name and they serve under My Banner, as Lord of this Planet. They come not as intruders nor usurpers of My Authority, but in loving subjection to the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System, and the Divine Plan for mankind, the deliverance from bondage that has long held Humanity in subjection to darkness and sorrow"

youtube here: https://youtu.be/dlvAG_Jmkdo

God is Within

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Re: project: world evacuation
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I know something will happen but I don't think it will be physical. I feel that it is an energetic shift. If you don't have the energy light enough you ain't going anywhere.
Secondly, I feel that the people are wanting a way to live off the planet just in case a N war decides to happen. I feel that they should not be welcome on any other planet unless they respect and nurture this one in stead.
People sometimes are not open and think you are being crazy. Love works mysteriously and not in your face.
I hear totally where you are coming from. It' s like the heart and the soul live differently to that of the mind.

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08/25/17 11:32 PM

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Re: project: world evacuation
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This is old information, the world already ended and was already intervened, we're uploaded in a simulation now until we can merge this reality with a real time frame again.

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