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What's wrong with this argument?
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Thank you, Gerrit, for creating and maintaining SpiritBoard.
Below are edited parts of a letter to a friend, self explanatory. But I wonder, how deeply it could resonate --- you'd have to have an open mind?

If there's a debate to be had, anyone can join in. Discussion though, more useful.


Hi Mate,

You read a lot of [censored], copious reams of it.

So read my [censored]. Only a few hundred words.

Seems like a good time to share this with you, now you're in the company of hippies, you say.

Within my understanding of the world there are reasons for everything.

All things are connected; our daily moods owe much to the phase of the Moon, to diet, to circumstances within our lives beyond our control.

Daily we are influenced by others in society in ways malignant and benign - through advertising and other subtle subconscious influences.

We are jiggling meat sticks, bone and flesh, chemicals, hormones, a sea of passions. Our passions to our reasoning minds are like a great team of runaway horses pulling us through a jungle purgatory, beset on all sides by other screaming apes, centipedes and poisonous plants. We cannot choose to stop for more than just a little while before we are bitten, enraged, injected with envy and fear, or induced to climb up after some rare fruit, or washed away, unconscious, in a flood of circumstance.

The Lords above us know this. We are governed as Machiavelli ordered his theory. We are threatened with pain (the IRD ... and more you may care to name) and offered diversions. We are enticed and repelled.

The universal singular experience that the natural man is pleased to call "God" does this. Governments do this. Friends might do this. Parents and teachers guide their charges with threats and treats. Corporations do this. The good, the bad, and ugly mind fuckers do this same thing for the same set of reasons.

We, receiving these signals, and giving them out, seldom get to apprehend or to calculate what is good and right - we are programmed to respond as though on autopilot.

Finally you are beginning to realise that the world is full of "kafkatraps" and other much more complicated machinations.

Orchids! Fly traps! Illusions, camouflage --- all natural. Not evil, just another way of living.

Stories within stories, wheels within wheels ---

So to whom do you bring your complaint? You must not blame the snake for having a forked tongue.

You must deploy your reasoning mind and seek out the governing purpose.

Is there intelligent purpose? Is all chaos?

Remember now, that chaos does not exist. There is only misapprehended order. A super nova explosion is as mathematically perfect as a snowflake.

We have reason, yes! We possess intelligence. But the bald truth is that passion possesses us more than we can control our baser selves.

Do you not [censored] when your body needs? Since when did you calculate the time to breathe?

The search for God (the spiritual search, not that religious [censored] you always confuse "God" with for reasons that spring from your early childhood experiences with religion) is the search for meaning within the architecture of the universe. It may be possible to arrive at an understanding of God through an understanding of mathematics. The great Albert Einstein it is said was in awe of the majesty of the universe. He was no self-made arrogant fool.

The great psychologist Karl Jung (Carl Gustav Jung) also was no fool.

He had this to say about his experience:

Just like Mr Jung, I also discovered something in the very same place, in the same way.

And just like Mr Jung, it is possible to understand both the rational and the spiritual experience at the same time. We know that we are only human, that experience for us is all perception.

So just like Mr Jung, it is possible to become sensitive to a world of spirit, and still keep our feet firmly on the ground.

But it is a dangerous journey for some. I survived, but others do not.

Feeling that there is a reason for everything (being able to filter out what is not relevant) grows from the experiences that Mr Jung embarked on.

The journey might just land you on a psychiatrist's couch. You might feel "significance" in "everything" - you might curl up into a ball in the corner and cover yourself with your own [censored] (I know of an example) or much worse.

But the warning may be useful. It helped for me.

All those years, just like the Pink Floyd song, "head feels just like two balloons".

Let this letter serve as a definition of terms for future reference, should we debate again.


~ many peoples - many faiths - one creator ~

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Re: What's wrong with this argument?
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Certainly seems to be singing the tune! Of course not all are capable of understanding all parts of the external and the internal, I believe this is down the Astrology, essentially that differing people are destined from the start to be better at different things. Also I think that if a person is able to have a good understanding of both the internal and external realms of ideas that they will not have such a good feeling for any changes around them and will have to direct themselves and learn when and how to expect these changes. Is this guy talking about western society of does eastern society also have these similar problems? I've yet to travel anywhere other than Australia so far and they seem to be much more switched on to any societal traps than they are here in the UK

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Re: What's wrong with this argument?
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Even understanding our own body in its entirety, using it for the highest (could also mean the basest) 'wish/reason', living a body-life fully seems to be not within one's grasp. If it is happening, I think it could be a darn minor percentage of humanity; while the animal, plant and other beings seem to be doing just that effortlessly, as long as they're not influenced by the human-virus.

Talking of mental-life, its just limitless by even a mediocre live's barest imagination. Richer the imagination and stronger the pursuit, more worlds/realms are unearthed.

In this vast world of realms spawned by the so-called human intellect, we can say whatever we want. Every darn thing could be true. The same things could also be wrong, yet true.

What am I saying? What's wrong with the argument. Nothing. What's right with the argument. Nothing.

Good to read, thanks for the post.


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