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0 is the real number 1
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I had a Question? Is the number 0 the real number 1? This has been on my mind for a while, and I wanted to share with other people on a spiritual forum what it means. Have we been lied to by the government for some certain reason? If we look at the numerical system, the first number is 0. Has the dial been switched for some certain reason to make it look like the number 1 comes first in everything?
From this, I have came to realize certain beings use that to their advantage. Is every number after 0 (hence 1-infinity) working for the number 0? Since the dial has changed a notch, what does it mean? What are these beings using this for?
I’ve always thought, everything works for the number 0, and we can’t get out of a shape/consciousness existence because we perceive it wrong.
Any ideas, on this perception?

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Re: 0 is the real number 1
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If I give you 1 orange you can eat it - if I give you 0 orange you can't.
O is basically the starting point of the micro- and the macro parts of the universe. The Yin/Yang emblem shows this perfectly. Put a l into the middle of an O and you have a cell dividing. The O is the middle point of two opposing infinities.

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Re: 0 is the real number 1
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Hello Brettsiniard,

Before creation would have been nothingness ( 0 ). Before nothingness would have been more nothingness. Nothingness would be the first thing to be counted. That nothingness would be counted as a nought ( 0 ). Then onto 1 and then 2 and then 3 and then 4 and so on and so forth.

0 does not = 1.

0 = 0.

1 = 1 ( and so on and so forth ).

Nothingness does not equal Somethingness.

Nothingness equals Nothingness.

Somethingness equals Somethingness.

What has been written here could be classed as belief. Perhaps here is also an element of logic.

Logic would say that zero/nought does not = one.

Yep, nothingness is not an orange.

Numbers after 0 working for the number 0? Do numbers get money? I do not think that they do. Is 0 a number? Maybe. 0 is a circle. Nothingness would not be a circle, I do not think.

Christmas shall be here in Britain soon. I hope that you have a merry one!


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