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Where is Everyone? We need you!
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I know we tend to come to these forums as a way to reach out to like-minded people, but I'm curious what people are doing out in the world as well. Some events shaping the world today are being perpetuated by powerful and self-serving people, but I believe that we are far more powerful than they will ever be.

So I am curious to know what everyone is doing to "terraform" your space with love and compassion? This is not for self-aggrandizement, but rather for building momentum. By letting people know what you are doing personally, you might give other people ideas, support, and the energy needed for what they can do as well.

If anyone feels they were called to a purpose, what is it, and what (if any) help do you seem to need to move forward with your purpose, or how has following your purpose transformed your life? (This can be a great inspiration to anyone currently on the fence between "should do" and "must do")

I am making a concerted effort to spread love and compassion all over the Internets, seeking out posts where people are expressing fear or frustration, and giving them support and encouragement. I started a podcast, which is something I don't like doing but I knew I was called to it. I have been reaching out locally and supporting/volunteering. Also, I began doing a daily meditation specifically for the purpose of putting positive energy out onto the "grid" after reading about experiments using the Maharishi Effect.

What other ways can we magnify the movement of raising human consciousness?
Warm wishes to you.

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11/12/17 03:44 AM

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Re: Where is Everyone? We need you!
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Wonderful idea for a topic! What I do? I have a full time job but my "mission" is not my job but a healing technique called "Light Energy", I am a teacher for this technique which was channeled some 25 years ago by a nurse in Germany, my parents learned from her, and spread this energy in several south American countries (mostly Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Bolivia). I learned it from my parents and have been teaching it in the area where I live in Spain. So, this is my way of bringing more light, healing and happiness into the world...

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