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Three Actions that Void Soul Contracts
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Once a Soul contract is made three things invalidate it. One- Any deception, regardless of how small it is, voids the contract. The moment a soul is lied to about their spiritual path a soul contract is void. Souls can believe in the contract even after being lied to but the contract is invalid regardless of belief. Two- The moment a soul is forced to go somewhere to be taught a lesson the contract is void. Souls are meant to infinitely flow in joy and any interruption in this invalidates the contract. Three- The moment a soul contract is made it is invalid. Contracts stagnate the soul and are like prison sentences for a soul. The soul, again, is meant to flow in infinite joy.

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Re: Three Actions that Void Soul Contracts
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What is a soul contract....in the first place??


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Re: Three Actions that Void Soul Contracts
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Canceling soul contract? Where did you find that info? II have never thought that was cancelable . Pls let me know.

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10/15/17 01:43 AM

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Re: Three Actions that Void Soul Contracts
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isn't the soul contract supposed to complete itself, in order for the soul to evolve ? or?

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