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Spirit Guide is my friend from past-life
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So I do meditation now and then. This is second time I encountered spirit guides and my angel. I met a new one he never told me his name but he showed things from the past after a wolf gave wisdom to control my impulses, I may have ADHD, but nevertheless after I met this WW2 soldier from Poland. He told us we died in 1939 and it was a massacre. He showed us together in a pit that was created by a Tank firing from beyond. We were shooting from there after hours of fighting and I took a peek out and was shot in the head then he as well. He talked about death, saying that you feel the worst pain ever for a second, then a sense of relief. He said it can be even applied in life, he pointed out my stress and the pain will make me stronger at the end and as well as a sense of relief. We walked around in Krakow (We were only people there and it's our hometown) he was telling about fond memories of us and I saw if I was the same man but as a child playing with him in our youth then it vanishes like computer graphics. He showed us drinking before combat with our third friend that we meet during training. He offered me a hand and asked me to dance and confort me, as I place my head on his chest and explained that our friend is waiting for me to be with him as soulmate, I had a dream about him prior. He told me to be confident and he is looking out for me as a friend and said once I find my happiness in this life, he may consider reincarnating in the next to find someone, that he loves after I find mine. He's very casual and talks the most. I am curious whenever or not I am making it up. He said he guides mostly in confidence, sacrifice, and connection to the past. I wonder if I was a Polish soldier in WW2 named Peter. Is my friend from the past life possibly be my spirit guide? I also was bored and sent a photo of my eyes to a medium who was practicing and offered for free so why not, she sort of described this guy rugged, thin, and taller than me, who said he was Danny, I guess I kept calling him Daniel (After the connection between Danny and the soldier, I guess) instead. He sent a message to her this was her interpretation after seeing a vision of me with tools and Danny with a hammer in his hands. She said after that," so the message coming this feeling and metaphor had to with checking in with yourself, and taking the time to look inside to ask that question and find the answer and inspiration. You get to choose in your life, so there's no right or wrong way. Keep it fun, follow the fun feelings since they will lead you to what helps the most. This inspiration helps you keep at it when feeling tired. It felt like meditation, camping, a trip, or a break from the routine could help with recentering yourself when needed." I wonder if these two men are the same or not? Or is it possible a friend from a past-life to be a guide? Or I'm making up a really entertaining story. Well I just saw the clock 11:11. :/

Edit: After the whole thing I tried to listen to any Polish military or national anthem. I start to feel sadness and dread from this marching song that was created at WW1, Szara piechota (Maszerują strzelcy). If your curious it's on youtube.


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