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MyPage Maintenance

As a SpiritBoard member, you have 200 kb (subject to change) of free webspace available (please check the terms before using).

This webspace is intended for uploading HTML files to your website, which has a URL like http://www.channeling.net/mypage/username (where username is your registered username).

You will need to have some basic knowledge at least on how to use a simple HTML editor.

Here's how you can make use of this feature:

  1. You will need to use a separate HTML editor to create your website, a simple free editor is available e.g. optionally with MS Internet Explorer.

  2. Create your page and save it as index.html, if you have any images you want to include, be sure to have them in the same folder as index.html, because you cannot create directories with MyPage, e.g. you can not have an /images directory.

  3. You may create several pages linked from your index.html, e.g. links.html or page1.html

  4. Upload your page(s) and all image files via the interface at Edit Profile -> MyPage Maintenance

  5. Check your website, just click on the link for your MyPage website at the MyPage Maintenance page.

The MyPage Maintenance page also features a webspace storage counter to let you know how much webspace you have used up and what is still available.

You can include a free page hit counter (plain text format) by including this HTML code into the source code (e.g. open via a simple text editor for adding it) of your webpage(s), where you want the page hits to appear:

<!--#exec cgi="../../cgibin/counter.cgi" -->


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