SpiritBoard Instructions

Viewing Board Information

From each board index page you can click on the Forum Information link to display information about the board.

From top to bottom the items of information are:

  • The board's name.

  • The description of the board.

  • When the board was created.

  • Who the board moderators are.  Clicking on a Moderator's name will show you their User Information.  A moderator can, amongst other things, edit other people's posts.

  • Whether or not Post Approval is on.  If this is on then each post has to be approved by a Moderator before it appears in the board index.

  • The total number of posts on the board.

  • When the last post was made.

  • Whether or not HTML markup is allowed in messages.

  • Whether or not the forum's own markup codes are allowed in messages.

  • What rights you have in the board (some boards may be read-only and if you are not logged in then all boards are read-only).

  • When posts expire (posts are removed from the board).


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