SpiritBoard Instructions

Viewing User Information / User Profiles

User profiles display information about the registered users.

Each user can edit their own profile by setting their own preferences.

The details shown on the User Profiles screen are as follows:

  • The user's email address.

  • The user's name.

  • The user's title.

  • The number of posts made by the user.

  • The user's home page address.

  • The user's occupation.

  • The user's hobbies.

  • The user's geographical location.

  • A short biography of the user.

  • The user's ICQ number.

  • When the user registered.


Please Note: Not all of the information may be filled in.  It depends entirely upon the user as to how much information they want to provide.


In addition, there are links to allow you to view all of the user's posts and to send a private message to the user.


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