SpiritBoard Instructions

Sending and Receiving Private Messages

Private Messages are a way of communicating with other members without having to post a publicly viewable message.

Each time you log on you are taken to your 'Home' section where any new private messages will be listed.  In addition, if you received a private message whilst you are logged in, a note will let you know when you view the Main Index.  Further, if selected in your User Settings, whenever you receive a private message, you will be emailed to let you know.

Private messages are listed down the page and the following summary information is shown:

  • The message status.

  • The message subject (click on it to view the message).

  • The sender's name (click on it to view the user's profile).

  • When the message was received.

  • A check box for selecting messages that you want to delete.



Reading Private Messages

To read a private message simply click on the subject of the message.

When the message is displayed you have the option to reply to it, delete it or return to your 'Home' section.


Sending Private Messages

When sending a private message you need to supply the username of the person the message is going to, enter a subject for the message and finally enter the message itself.

If the username is not valid you will be told when you try to submit the message.

If you are creating a private message from a user profile then the username will be filled in for you.

You have these options when sending:

  • check the spelling (English) before sending it - you need to return to the previous screen to send the message or edit it

  • keep a copy of your message in your "Sent Messages" section

  • receive a read receipt - as soon as the recipient reads the message, you will get an automatic message back entitled "Read Receipt" to let you know the message has been viewed.

  • preview the message before it's sent - you can go back and make any changes, or continue from there to send it


Deleting Private Messages

If you are viewing your 'Home' section then read or sent private messages can be deleted by checking the Delete column for each private message you want to delete and then clicking on the 'Delete Checked' button.

If you are viewing a private message then you have the option of deleting it immediately.


The Status Codes

To the left hand side of each message shown on your 'Home' page you will see a one letter code.  These stand for:

  • N - A new message.

  • R - You have replied to the message.
  • No Code - You have read the message but you have not replied.



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