SpiritBoard Instructions

Searching For Information

To help you find information that you need the forum software includes a powerful search tool.

The search screen has the following fields for you to use (top to bottom):

  • Forum to search

    Select either a single board or search across all of them.

  • Words to search for

    Enter the word(s) that you are searching for.

  • Search options

    Search for the entire phrase, word and word, word or word, or by username.  The username search allows you to search for message posted by a particular user.

  • Date range

    Select the timeframe for your search.

  • Number of results to show per page

    Enter how many messages you want to see on each results page.

If more than one page of results is found then you can move between them using the icons towards the top right of the screen (the Next and Previous buttons).


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