SpiritBoard Instructions

Boards - An Overview

When you enter a board you are shown the board index.

At the top of the screen, on the left hand side, you will see the name of the board, how the board is sorted and a link to take you to the Board Information screen.  On the right hand side you will see several icons which (left to right) are for:

  • Posting a new message.

  • Moving to the previous page of messages.

  • Moving to the Main Forum Index.

  • Moving to the next page of messages.

  • Viewing the messages in an expanded format (disabled if you are already viewing the index like this).  In the expanded format you are able to see root messages as well as all of the replies posted.

  • Viewing the messages in a collapsed format (disabled if you are already viewing the index like this).  In the collapsed format you will only see root messages and none of the replies.

The main body of the screen displays a list of messages within the board.  From left to right the following information is displayed:

  • The message icon.  If an icon is yellow then you have read that message.  If an icon is orange then it is a new message.

  • The subject of the message.

  • The poster.

  • The number of times the message (all messages in the thread) has been viewed.

  • When the message was posted.

The Subject, Poster and Posted On titles are clickable so that you can change the order in which the posts are sorted and displayed.  If you click on Subject once, it will display posts by Subject in reverse alphabetical order.  If you click on it again it will display posts by Subject in alphabetical order.  Poster and Posted on works similarly.

If more than one page of posts is available then additional, numbered links will be available at the bottom of the page.

Finally, at the bottom of the page a Jump To box is available to quickly take you to other boards.


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